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The Basics of Automotive Live Chat – How to Master Automotive Lead Generation Through Your Website

No matter your dealership location, franchise, size, or overall rating, you probably will agree that the success of any dealership is measured in the number of sales. In order to obtain sales, you depend on a combination of repeat business, referral business, and of course, automotive lead generation.With repeat and referral business, there really is no secret to it – other than having a good amount of follow up, and capitalizing on the things that make you different from other dealers to attract others to yours. When it comes to generating leads, however, there are a number of places that you can get them from including direct-mail marketing, commercials, and third-party lead vendors. There is one other place that you can obtain leads that are quality, inexpensive, and almost 100% valid, and chances are the leads are already being delivered to your dealership. The leads are coming from your very own website, and if you aren’t capturing them using automotive live chat software, then you are missing opportunity after opportunity, day after day.Integrating automotive live chat software with your dealership can enhance your internet marketing a great deal, while increasing your ability to interact with website visitors. Each time a visitor lands on your page, they’re there for a reason; whether it be to check out prices, or the latest model of vehicle you got in. Since they’re on your site, chances are, they have a question. Instead of them taking 10 minutes looking through page after page of information, with automotive live chat software, you can instantly connect, interact and help your customers before they set foot in your showroom. You are producing quality leads from customers who are ready and waiting to buy a car.Once an interaction begins with an automotive live chat representative, questions are answered, information is gathered, and ideally, a test drive is scheduled. Once the information from the potential customer is gathered, it can be passed on to your sales team who can take that opportunity and turn it into a sale. This method of automotive lead generation is a proven successful system and can increase your site conversion rate significantly. When a lead is generated from your dealer website, its quality is much higher and has a better chance of being converted into a sale than a traditional third-party lead source.Along with an increased number of leads, and potential sales, investing in an automotive live chat service will bring your dealership’s customer service to a whole new level. The key to your success is in your customers’ hands. It is important to interact and engage with your website traffic to a superior level. This says that you’re dedicated, educated, and are truly invested in the needs and wants of your customers. Without a successful automotive lead generation tool you are likely losing up to 98% of your website visitors each day! The price of integrated automotive live chat software is minuscule compared to the potential business you are losing without it.