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The Best Video Marketing Campaign

Before you decide upon your video marketing campaign you need to ask yourself a few questions. Video has the potential to boost your sales and gain you more subscribers, so it is important to take some time to plan out exactly the kind of video marketing tools you intend to use.

Who is your target audience? Do you know their demographics and where they are likely to be located? Also what is your end goal in all this? If you have decided to use YouTube in your online video marketing campaign then why did you come to this decision?

It is wrong and foolish to base your digital video marketing on the latest trends and technological fashions. You cannot choose something just because you see others doing the same thing. You would be better off finding a video strategy that fits your product and business model.

Know your customer

Ask the following questions:

· Does your potential customer use the internet?

· What is the speed of their internet connection?

· Do they use their phone to access internet content?

· Is your customer familiar with your company and products?

If your potential customer does use the internet and has a fairly fast connection then you can base your video marketing campaign around YouTube. If your end goal is to get better conversions and perhaps more sales, then using YouTube marketing will be very good for your business.

Video marketing secrets

Most people tend to think YouTube is the only video site out there. True, it is the most popular by far, but there are many other smaller sites which offer good value. Metacafe for example is another site which you can upload your video to for extra traffic back to your website. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your video marketing for better results.

The secret of getting traffic back to your website is to add your website link in the description box as well as to the video itself. Once your video has been uploaded to video sites you will start to see traffic coming back to your own website.

What types of online video should we create?

There are many categories that a video can fall into. Essentially they are educational, humorous, informative, controversial and entertaining. You should try to create a video that is informative and if you can inject a bit of humour here and there, then all the better. At the very least keep it light and upbeat and try not to drone on and on.

A good video will engage the viewer and be no longer than around two minutes. After this time the mind can tend to wander if the video is not keeping our interest.

If you are talking about a company product for example, then why not demonstrate it on camera. People love to be informed and educated. Look at the many demonstrations of items such as laptop computers, cameras and smartphones available on YouTube. If your video is convincing enough you can certainly expect further interest and clicks back to your website.

Video presentations

Another good video marketing campaign strategy is to film a presentation or seminar you are involved in. This could also be packaged as a DVD for purchase. If you know what you are talking about you can truly brand yourself and your business in this way.

Video blog

Sometimes called a VLog, this is very much like a normal blog except you are talking about things on camera. Someone from your company can talk about the issues of the day. All it takes is someone to film them talking and then you can upload this onto the blog. People love to check out blogs.

Video testimonials

Sometimes text testimonials on a sales page are never enough. Can we really trust them? Why not use your video camera to film people giving testimonials about your product or company. Video testimonials are used effectively after seminars when members of the audience are invited to comment on what they have experienced.

Sales pages into video

Why not convert your online sales pages into video sales pages. This is a great video web marketing tool to use. An engaging sales video is far better than a long page of endless text. When we hear a voice speaking out loud the sales copy, this builds a level of trust with the viewer.


Your video marketing campaign should be planned in advance and be strategically beneficial for your business. The power of online video allows you to put your business on the map and gain better conversions. You will have a worldwide audience only too eager to see what you have to offer.